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Graduate Admissions

MMED Transfer Applicants

MMED Transfer Credit information:

MMEd Transfer Credit Applicants who have completed coursework at another college or university (or candidates who have completed coursework at VanderCook prior to being admitted to the degree program) and wish to transfer the credit to the VanderCook degree program must supply official transcripts of their college records. All transfer requests must be submitted in writing. Applicants may transfer graduate credit from an accredited graduate school under the following conditions:

• The credit-offering institution is accredited by their regional association to offer graduate degree programs;

• The credit is fully acceptable at the issuing institution in satisfaction of its advanced degree requirement;

• The credit must align to the student’s program of study at VanderCook and must carry a minimum grade value of 3.0 on a 4.25 scale (designations of “pass” or “satisfactory” will not be accepted);


• The course must be clearly marked as graduate-level credit, with no other designation such as professional development, continuing education, etc.; and

• Credit is not granted for experiential learning. A maximum of four semester hours of transfer credit from another institution may be considered. All official transcripts must be submitted to VanderCook prior to the first term of enrollment. Grades from transferred credits are not calculated into the VanderCook GPA.


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