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VanderCook College of Music

Honorary Doctorates

July 2019

Richard W. Colburn

May 2019

Charles “Chip” Staley

July 2018

Maurice Stanley Backun

May 2018

Frank J. Lestina
Donald Wayne Shupe

July 2017

Irwin E. Berg

May 2017

Richard Charles Crain

July 2016

Richard D. Young

May 2016

Cheryl Ann Lavender

July 2015

James D’Addario
John D’Addario Jr.

July 2014

Michael H. Balter

May 2014

Freddy William Martin

July 2013

James T. Rohner

May 2013

Paula A. Crider
John L. Whitwell

July 2012

Joseph M. Lamond

May 2012

Gregory Lawrence Bimm

July 2011

Edward J. Harris
Michael L. Harris

May 2011

Robert B. Vezzetti

July 2010

Everett J. “Vic” Firth

May 2010

Ray E. Cramer

July 2009

Qian Ni

May 2009

Himie Voxman
David A. Wells

July 2008

Morton L. Manus

May 2008

Kenneth M. Snoeck

July 2007

Remo D. Belli

May 2007

Duffie A. Adelson

July 2006

Ted Lega

July 2005

Keith Mardak

July 2004

Leo C. Harris

July 2001

Betty Jones Bertaux

May 2000

Duane E. Johnson

July 1999

Leo J. Henning
George A. Quinlan Sr.

July 1996

Barbara Dianne Buehlman

July 1995

Tim Lautzenheiser

May 1995

K. Ethel Merker

July 1994

Michael J. Davis

May 1994

Wilbur D. Elliott

July 1993

William R. Coyle

July 1992

Richard Davis
Guy F. Foreman
Lewis A. Schmidt

May 1992

Melvin L. Shelton

July 1991

Harris Bergh
Neil Dunlap

July 1990

Forrest Buchtel Sr.
Merle J. Isaac
Clifford Lillya
William Revelli
Victor W. Zajec

July 1988

Richard E. Brittain
Albert Richard Casavant

July 1987

Ruth E. Artman
Richard S. Peck

July 1986

Haskell E. Harr
Arnold Jacobs
Vaclav Nelhybel
Logo 2022 Light Reduced

The mission of VanderCook College of Music is to enrich the lives of present and future generations by developing uniquely skilled music teachers who exhibit strong character, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence.

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