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Housing Information

Please follow the instructions below to access the portal from your home computer as soon as possible to make your reservations for Fall 2022. 

General Information - Undergraduate and MCert/TCEP Programs

VanderCook College of Music is located on campus with The Illinois Institute of Technology  (IIT).  VanderCook students utilize a number of amenities which are offered on the IIT portion of the campus including the The Commons dining hall, student organizations and campus housing.  VCM students also receive a Hawk ID card and an  “A” number which allows them to access numerous other services offered by the college.  As you begin the housing process, it is important that you have set up your IIT credentials as shared with you via email by the VanderCook IT Department.

Please use the following instructions to access the housing portal from your computer:

  1. Click on this link to get to the IIT Housing Webpage:  IIT Housing Webpage
  2. Select “Apply for Housing” in the menu column on the left
  3. Click on the “Housing Portal” link in the first paragraph
  4. Click on IIT SSO Login and use your single sign on information to login to the portal
  5. Select “Room and Board Contract” at the top of the navigation bar in the portal (if using a mobile device, this will be located in the 3 line menu at the top left hand corner of your screen)
  6. Fill out each page of the application to completion (including preferred roommate if requested) and submit

Note:  If you need to leave the application at any point in time, all entries will be saved.

Looking for a roommate?  Sign up for our VCM Housing Meet and Greet using the GroupMe link that was sent to you via your VanderCook email.  This will be a place for you to connect with other VCM students looking for roommates for on-campus and off-campus housing.

On-Campus Housing/Meal Plan Options through IIT

While VanderCook utilizes IIT housing for its students, some of the deadlines and requirements listed on the website DO NOT apply to VanderCook students:

  • VanderCook does not have a two year residency requirement for living in the dorms.  VCM students may choose to live on-campus, off-campus or commute from home.  Please be sure that the VCM Admissions Office is aware of your housing choice as soon as possible after your commitment to VCM.
  • The deadlines listed for housing should be adhered to if possible.  If you are unable to meet a deadline due to your enrollment date, please connect with the VCM Admissions Office and they can assist you.

Incoming undergraduate VanderCook students are not required to live in Cunningham and Kacek Halls only.  They may also select McCormick Student Village for residency.  Three dorm options are available to incoming VCM students:

Please note the following:  Cunningham and Kacek hall rates are more expensive than McCormick Student Village housing rates.  You may not see an option in the housing portal to sign up for MSV.  If you are interested in living in MSV as an incoming student, please contact Kimberly Farris, VCM Director of Admissions, to make this request personally ([email protected]).

VanderCook students are not required to purchase the All Access or Flex 300 meal plans only.  Incoming VCM students may also choose to purchase the Block 230 meal plan.  If you do not see MSV as an option you can select in the portal, please contact Kimberly Farris, VCM Director of Admissions, to make this request personally ([email protected]).

Off-Campus Housing Information for VanderCook Students

VanderCook College of Music is located in the far south loop just minutes away from the famed Chicago White Sox ballpark and the Bridgeport area.  “Curbed Chicago” has named Bridgeport among the top six neighborhoods to live in the city of Chicago. Bridgeport is located just over the bridge above the Dan Ryan Expressway, and many VCM students choose it as the place they call home during their time at VanderCook.

Bridgeport Neighborhood:

  • THE DRAW – Unbeatable prices for both renters and buyers
  • DON’T MISS – Palmisano Park

In this residential, walkable neighborhood on the Southwest Side, you’ll find charming workers cottages, landscaped row houses, and simple brick two-flats. It’s ideal if you’re looking for something with a bit of historic charm; more than half of the housing stock was built before 1940.

White Sox fans will love that Guaranteed Rate Field calls this neighborhood home. It is an affordable location with the two-bedroom average rent listing at $1,200 per month. Bridgeport is close to both Pilsen and Chinatown, which means you’ll never be too far from restaurants—hello, dim sum or tacos—and the Bridgeport Arts Center boasts a full roster of classes and events.

Apartment Hunting in Chicago

If you are interested in seeking housing off our campus, we have compiled some resources that will be of help as you begin your search.  Some things to keep in mind:

    • If you are planning to move to campus in August, student demand is very high. Be sure to give yourself enough time to shop around.
    • We have worked with some area landlords that are well respected and have been good to VanderCook students in the past. We have listed them below and encourage you to reach out for availability and listing information.
    • Be aware that most rentals will require at least one months rent as a deposit, so be sure to plan accordingly.
    • There are plenty of food options in and around our campus. Always ask if you qualify for a student discount at an area establishment. Most give VanderCook students a 10% discount. 
    • You can save money by coordinating a grocery list with roommates. Here are some local area grocery stores:
      • Cermak Fresh Market – 31st and Halsted (within walking distance from VanderCook)
      • Jewel Finer Foods – located on 33rd and MLK Drive
      • Target – Accessible off the CTA Green Line train at Roosevelt

Looking for a roommate?  We will be updating information on available roommates for the 22-23 academic year via another platform.  Be on the lookout for this information coming soon!

Student Testimonials

“Living off-campus was great! I lived with other VCM students, and it was a great way for me to gain independence while being supported by classmates in the same situation. I lived by the baseball field and was able to catch games and use the red line to explore Chicago. Living in my apartment was one of the best parts of being at VanderCook.”  ~Daniel Schmitt, BMEd ‘22

“My off-campus experience has been very enjoyable and offered me a smoother transition to college life. Moving out from my parents house to another place that looks more like a home, allowed me to feel safer and more comfortable. Another plus is that living off campus is more affordable and offers more freedom, because you are not tied up to a meal plan or certain hours when you can grab a bite.”  ~Felicia Vintila, BMEd ‘24

Parent Testimonial

“My son lived in an apartment starting as a freshman. This was the perfect decision for us because it cost less than half of what the dorms cost and he had a room to himself. The lease was for 12 months so we didn’t have to move his stuff back and forth for the summer.  I admit I was nervous at the beginning but the area around VanderCook has proven to be very safe, even when he gets back to the apartment after dark while parking his car on the street.”  ~Becky Kramer, mother of Michael Kramer, BMEd ‘23

VanderCook has experience with the following trusted Bridgeport landlords:

Some other resources to find off-campus housing in Bridgeport:

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The mission of VanderCook College of Music is to enrich the lives of present and future generations by developing uniquely skilled music teachers who exhibit strong character, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence.

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