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Are you Experiencing Housing Insecurities?

Many different living situations can qualify a student for aid:

• In a house or apartment with more than one family due to loss of housing or economic hardship .
• With friends, family, or others because they are a runaway or an unaccompanied youth .
• In substandard housing (without electricity, water, heat, etc.).
• In a shelter (family, domestic violence, youth, transitional living program, etc.).
• In a motel, hotel, weekly rate housing.
• In an abandoned building, in a car, at a campground, or on the streets.
A student may:
• Participate fully in all school activities and programs as eligible .
• Receive transportation to and from the school of origin.
• Continue to attend the last-enrolled school even if the student has moved away from that school’s attendance

• Qualify automatically for school nutrition programs.
A student must be enrolled in school immediately, even without required documents such as:
• Proof of residency.
• Immunization records or other health records.
• School records .

• Legal guardianship papers


If you are experiencing housing or food insecurities, please contact VanderCook’s HOUSE Liaison, Cindy Tovar at [email protected]

College Student Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is defined by the US Department of Agriculture as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle. Notably, this crisis profoundly impacts college students, a population whose food insecurity issues are largely under-recognized, under-examined, and under-addressed. While Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits were temporarily extended to college-age students during the pandemic, these benefits are set to expire without legislative action and in many cases, without options for the college students impacted. 

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Resources for Food Insecurities

St. James Food Pantry
2907 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL 60616

(312) 842-1919

Greater Chicago Food Depository

4100 W. Ann Lurie Place

Chicago, IL 60632

Phone: 773-247-3663

For additional resources visit the  IIT Houing and Food Insecurity site at:

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