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Bachelor of Music Education (Pre-Certification) (BMpc)

Designed to correspond with the Bachelor of Music Education (BMEd) degree program, the Bachelor of Music Education (Pre-Certification) (BMpc) degree program at VanderCook College of Music is an option for music education majors who do not choose to complete all certification requirements right away.

Candidates who earn a BMpc degree are required to complete the same comprehensive curriculum as BMEd students. However, the pre-certification degree does not require the completion of certain senior courses or the student teaching experience.

How to Apply?

The Bachelor of Music Education (Pre-Certification) degree program requires acceptance through an admission process. Current students may discuss the option with their undergraduate dean before applying, but candidates, regardless of current college admission status, are required to submit a printed or online application to be considered. A variety of admission requirements must also be followed, along with academic dates and deadlines.

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Why Choose the Pre-Certification Program?

The steps to become a music educator require completion of vigorous coursework and sometimes, life’s challenges can get in the way. Music education majors who choose to complete a BMpc degree are afforded options to complete the final certification requirements of the BMEd degree at a time that works for them.

BMpc graduates must complete all institutional assessments, pre-clinical experiences and internal benchmarks required for the BMEd degree, but these variations exist for remaining degree work:

  • A minimum of 120.5 credit hours distributed between general education, fundamentals and theory, professional education, music education and applied music must be completed for BMpc graduates (compared to the 135 credit hours for BMEd graduates.)
  • Students who earn a music education degree without certification are not required to complete the four six-week senior seminar courses required of BMEd students.
  • Candidates wishing to complete the BMpc degree will not be required to immediately fulfill Illinois Professional Educator (ISBE) student teaching program requirements.

Bachelor of Music Education (Pre-Certification) Program Structure

Just as BMEd students are required to complete comprehensive music education coursework, BMpc students must also follow those guidelines. While music education majors have the option to choose an instrumental or choral track, broad coursework incorporating elements of both will be included for all students, in addition to general music methods.

*For candidates interested in the BMpc degree, although program advisement occurs between the candidate and undergraduate dean, it is ultimately the candidate’s responsibility to keep an accurate record of his or her progress toward completion of additional certification and licensure requirements. A tracking form is available to aid candidates in planning their courses.

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How do I contact the admissions office about the Bachelor of Music Education (Pre-Certification) program?

Candidates who would like additional information about the bachelor’s degree in music education (pre-certification) program can request it through the admissions office. Contact us today to learn more.

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