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The Student Teaching Experience

What to expect with Student Teaching

The student teaching field experience is the final phase of the teacher-training program at VanderCook. Student teaching is designed to allow for practical application of integrated knowledge and pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning music. 

Throughout this process, public and private school music educators are mentors who induct candidates into the profession. VanderCook’s supervising professor supports the student teacher and cooperating teacher and serves as a link between the college and the school.

In order to gain access to the student teaching program, the candidate must have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Student teaching application on file with the director of student teaching

  • Resume and one-page biography on file with the director of student teaching

  • Passing score on the ISBE Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

In order to participate in the clinical student teaching experience, the candidate must have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (undergraduate) / 3.0 (graduate) or better in all coursework

  • Received a C or better in all content-area and professional-education coursework

  • Performed a Junior and Senior Recital (undergraduate)

  • Completed and passed all required coursework

  • Passed the ISBE Music Content-Area Exam

  • Completed paperwork for a minimum of 75 pre-clinical experience hours and filed with the director of student teaching by the deadline

  • Completed and passed all playing comprehensive exams and filed with appropriate dean by the stated deadline

  • Completed federal and state criminal background checks within 60 days prior to start of student teaching, and provided a copy to the undergraduate dean

  • Completed the tutorial and provided a copy of the certificate to the director of student teaching for mandated reporting with the Department of Children and Family Services.


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