The Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic is 183 days away but who's counting

June 13, 2016 06:21 PM

Directors of groups performing at the 2016 Midwest Clinic gathered at McCormick Place West for an event planning session.  The groups were greeted by the Midwest Board of Directors and the Conference Executive Staff. Two newly appointed members of the Midwest Board are VanderCook alums Herman Knoll (M'73) and Mary Land (M'85).  This year's conference promises to be spectacular as the Midwest celebrates it's 70th anniversary. What an accomplishment, and VanderCook has been there since the beginning.  Yes, this will be the 70th performance of the VanderCook Symphonic Band on the Midwest stage.  VanderCook's H.E. Nutt was a co-founder and through the years VanderCook students and staff members have worked to facilitate the set-up and hospitality of the nearly week-long event. If you have never been to the Midwest, do yourself a favor, and put it on your bucket list and if you're around Friday afternoon stop by for VanderCook's performance.




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