The Midwest Clinic



Much like music, VanderCook as an institution is the result of both tradition and innovation. We strive to remain present with the times while also upholding the customs and traditions that make up our legacy. Without one or the other, there would be no VanderCook College of Music. 

From its humble beginnings in 1946 in a YMCA gym on the west side of Chicago, the Midwest Clinic has grown to become an internationally-recognized music conference. A four-day affair, Midwest draws in attendees from all 50 states and from 40 different countries. And as one of Midwest's founders, VanderCook College has been with the event every step of the way. Besides being one of its founding members, VanderCook's Symphonic Band is the only ensemble that has been invited to perform every year. 

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Past Performances


Below, you can listen to excerpts from the 2019 Symphonic Band at Midwest:

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