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Michael Desch

General Education

Michael Desch is a structural engineering researcher at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). His areas of expertise include structural analysis, finite element analysis, solid mechanics, material science, structural dynamics, and structural reliability. Desch received his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering as well as his master’s degree in Structural Engineering from IIT in 2018. He is currently completing his PhD in Civil Engineering at IIT. His research focuses on the incorporation of uncertainty into engineering computations to obtain more reliable results. His work includes reliability-based extensions of: fatigue failure analysis, project scheduling, structural analysis, and fall arrest system certification. In addition to his research, Desch is a professor at VanderCook College of Music where he teaches the Physics of Light and Sound course and lab. He is also a professor at IIT where he teaches matrix structural analysis and various structural analysis lab courses. Desch champions the use of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and the benefits they can provide to all fields of study.

  • SCI 201 (L) Physics of Sound and Light (+Lab)


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