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Kathryn Finch

MECA Faculty

Kathryn Finch has twenty-plus years of experience in the elementary general music classroom and currently teaches in Northbrook, IL. She speaks passionately about the shift in music education from teacher-led to student-led activities. She focuses on practical ways music educators can transform their classrooms to empower their students to own their learning. Kathryn co-authored the book, Pass the Baton: Empowering All Music Students as well as two other teaching resources, Full STEAM Ahead: Lessons to shift instruction, empower students, and transform your music classroom and Everyone Loves a Story: Bringing books to life through music. 


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    The mission of VanderCook College of Music is to enrich the lives of present and future generations by developing uniquely skilled music teachers who exhibit strong character, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence.

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