Declaration of Track

Upon admission to the College, TCEP candidates must declare either a choral or instrumental track (band & string) based on their major applied area.  Piano and guitar majors may choose either track.  A transcript evaluation will determine the courses and program benchmarks remaining to be completed.

Matriculation and Enrollment

A TCEP candidate who has not completed any coursework at VanderCook by the end of the second semester following their date of admission must reapply to the program. Candidates who have matriculated but not enrolled or responded to inquiries for three semesters will be notified of their involuntary withdrawal from the program. Such candidates may ap­ply for admission at a future date.

A candidate is considered full-time when enrolled in at least nine credit hours of coursework in a semester.  A candidate must be enrolled for at least six credits to qualify for financial aid.

Program Completion

TCEP candidates are expected to complete all certification requirements within seven years from the date of first enrollment at VanderCook.  Candidates may petition the graduate dean for exemption from this rule.  Upon successful completion of the Teacher Certification Entitlement Program, the candidate will be entitled by VanderCook College of Music to apply for an initial Illinois teaching certificate.


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