Movement is an integral part of being musical and plays an essential role in music development. Most of our elementary repertoire contains a movement component. This is no surprise; children learn best when they are able to use their bodies. The movement component of our curriculum is worthy of the same explicit and intentional instruction that we devote to the tonal and rhythmic aspects of our curriculum. This lively workshop will focus on movement skills and developmentally appropriate strategies and techniques designed to enhance movement in any music curriculum, while engaging students in our rich folk music repertoire.  Knowledge of these strategies and techniques will help students move competently, effectively and musically. We will spend each morning covering topics that enhance the movement component in your music classroom. 
We will spend each afternoon applying this knowledge as we discover folk dances, passing games, play parties, rounds and clapping games from fifteen countries around the world. The music games of a country or a people are imbued with their history, values, characteristics, spirit and heart.  We can appreciate and begin to know a little about a people when we move in their footsteps. These are delightful gifts uniting not only generations, but cultures. They allow us to build a bridge where we are offered a glimpse into another culture and are delighted to find ourselves looking back. This knowledge can lead to greater awareness and global understanding. 
Course Objectives 
Participants will be introduced to the following topics and their relevance and application in a music classroom.
  • Intentional Movement in the Music Classroom
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, 
  • The Brain Dance 
  • First Steps in Music (Movement Objectives)
  • Bridges to the Community 
  • Family Folk Dance
*Participants will be introduced to folk dances, passing games, play parties, rounds and clapping games from fifteen countries around the world and their relevance and application in a music classroom. 

Instructor: Lillie Feierabend


Lillie Feierabend is known for her work with young children and instilling a love of music within them. She has been an early childhood and general music educator for over 30 years, and conducted the Connecticut Children’s Chorus for 17 years. She has twice been honored with her district’s Teacher of the Year Award and in 2008 also received the Outstanding Elementary Music Educator Award from the Connecticut Music Educators Association. She is a frequent clinician at local, state and national conferences, presenting on music and movement development. She conducts regional honors choirs and teaches weeklong workshops around the country. She is past president of KESNE and a member of NAfME, OAKE, CMEA and ACDA, where she served as the National Children’s Honor Choir Chair for the 2010 Conference.

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