Smith Walbridge Drill Design Workshop


The Drill Design Workshop is a “hands on” experience focusing on class instruction and individual assistance in writing your own drill. For those with little or no experience, learn the fundamentals of using Pyware’s 3D Interactive Drill Design software and basics of drill design techniques.  For those who already know the basic of Pyware, this is a perfect opportunity to work on your own drills with the assistance of a clinician.  While computers will be provided in a lab, participants are encouraged to bring their own “Pyware 3D Interactive” loaded notebook computers for use during the workshop. Pyware 3D Interactive will be loaded on the lab computers ONLY. Pyware 3D Interactive will be available for purchase at a discounted price during this workshop only. Participants are encouraged to bring music and videos to share with the class and clinicians.


Beginner level training for Pyware 3D drill design software and drill design methodology
Advanced level training for more advanced techniques with Pyware 3D
Individual assistance and an opportunity to work on your own marching band drills
State-of-the art computer lab
Exchange of ideas
Discussions about special individual situations

VanderCook College of Music - (312) 225-6288