The Dynamic Music Creation Duo: Noteflight & Soundtrap (with Noteflight Learn Certification)

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Creativity – Composition – Collaboration! Using both notation and a digital audio workstation (DAW) opens up endless creative music-making possibilities. This course will take an in-depth view at combining traditional notation with the power of multi-track MIDI and audio recording for developing basic musical concepts through the creative process of music composition. Noteflight and Soundtrap, the leaders in online collaborative music software, seamlessly integrate for easy MIDI file export between programs, making it easy to migrate back and forth between both programs. Myriad projects will be explored, including designing collaborative composition activities. This course is designed for all grade levels, and you will receive free access to both Noteflight Learn and Soundtrap for the duration of the course. Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive Noteflight Learn Certification (to learn more about Noteflight Learn Certification, visit
Course Learning Objectives: 
At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
  • Easily manage students and other teachers in a Noteflight Learn site
  • Describe Noteflight Learn/Google Classroom integration
  • Develop composition, arrangement, music theory and music analysis assignments using Noteflight Learn Activity Templates 
  • Use live audio recording for assessment and feedback 

  • Discover and share new music from content libraries and the Noteflight community 
  • Record and edit music using loops, MIDI, audio, and effects
  • Create multimedia-based projects such as podcasts and audio books
  • Plan and design lessons using Noteflight and Soundtrap, make connections to existing curriculum
  • Assess creative projects in a collaborative online environment 



Stefani Langol is a music educator, clinician, author and education technology consultant. She is Associate Professor of Music Education at Berklee College of Music and also serves as the technology coordinator for the Music Education department. In addition, Langol is an adjunct assistant professor at the Boston Conservatory of Music, where she teaches music technology classes for the masters of music education program. 
Langol is a certified instructor for the Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) and offers graduate credit and TI:ME national certification courses at numerous sites throughout the Northeast. In addition, Langol served as editor-in-chief of the TI:MEs newsletter from 1997-2004 and as technology editor for the Massachusetts Music Educators Journal from 2004-2012. For over 20 years, Langol has designed and delivered technology training to K-12 and higher education music educators, and has been a featured presenter at numerous state, national and international music educator conferences, including New York, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Rhode Island, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Texas, Illinois and Toronto.
Langol is a co-author of the Alfred Music Tech Series, which includes Playing Keyboard, Music Production and MIDI Sequencing, Composing with Notation Software, and the accompanying Teacher’s Guide: Book 1. In addition, she has published several articles on music technology that have appeared in the Music Educators Journal, Music Education Technology Magazine, Music and Computers, Artists House, and Massachusetts Music Educators Journal.



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The Dynamic Music Creation Duo: Noteflight and Soundtrap (with Noteflight Learn Certification)

Instructor: Stefani Langol

3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $1.020, due in full with registration    
Course Code: 7788
Chat Sessions:
No chat sessions required.
Access to a Mac or a PC computer, connected to the Internet. A Chromebook would be acceptable, as well.  Basic computer skills are required such as setting up accounts & usernames/passwords, basic typing skills, uploading/downloading files, and familiarity using the Internet. 
Additional Required Technology
Beyond Noteflight and Soundtrap, this course will rely on additional online tools and resources that will be provided during the course. 
Noteflight Learn (free access provided during class)
Soundtrap (free access provided during class)
Wide variety of online resources (links provided in class)
Helpful, but optional: 
A simple, inexpensive MIDI controller, such as, 
An inexpensive USB microphone, such as, 
o Blue Microphone Snowflake:
Reading Materials 
Online reading materials will be provided in class. 

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