This course will include perspectives on how to stay healthy, prevent and eliminate pain and discomfort, and enhance performance skills through attention to posture, quality of movement, muscle and joint function, and mind-to-body techniques. Though injuries require attention from a health professional, many injuries can be prevented and rehabilitated by good pedagogy, ergonomics, and technique. Bring your instrument!

All topics will be addressed for personal application as well as with an instructional perspective. How can you best tap into a knowledge of ergonomic form and function to generate a pain-free, fluid dance on your instrument? How can you best provide this information to your students? What are the most effective, least time-consuming tactics you can use when working with large groups of students with an already-packed agenda?

Topics will include:

  • A Walking Tour: Natural Joint and Muscle Function
  • Posture and Breathing
  • The Main Causal Factors that Lead to Injury and Profiles for Healing
  • Six-Fold and Trilateral Learning
  • The Chemistry of Nervousness
  • Injury: What to Do, What Not to Do
  • Muscle Balance: Exercises that Counterbalance Overuse
  • Healing Practitioners
  • The Practice Session or Rehearsal
  • How to Apply the Above Material in the Classroom or Private Studio




Violin_of_Peace_Pik2Julie Lyonn Lieberman is the author of one of the first music medicine books in the world, You Are Your instrument (1991), now in its fifth edition and available as a digital book. Based on popular demand, she has also authored five spin-off DVDs: The Violin in Motion, Violin and Viola Ergonomics: Determine the Optimum Playing Position and Support for Your Body-Type; Vocal Aerobics; and, The Instrumentalist’s Guide to Fitness, Health, and Musicianship; and The Vocalist’s Guide to Fitness, Health, and Musicianship.

Ms. Lieberman is on the American String Teachers Association’s Task Force on String Musicians' Health and Wellness. She has presented Playing Healthy clinics throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Scotland, and France. National workshops have included The Starling-Delay Symposium at Juilliard, Eastman Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Berklee College of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, as well as for National String Workshop, International String Workshop, American String Teachers Association’s and National Association for Music Education’s state conferences, among others.

She is also the author of six additional music books and other DVDs. She co-authored American String Teachers Association’s national curriculum book, Standards, Goals, and Learning Sequences for Essential Skills and Knowledge in K-12 String Programs, and has twenty-five string orchestra scores to her credit in American and world styles published by Kendor Music, Carl Fischer LLC and Alfred Music.

Ms. Lieberman is the Artistic Director for the summer program, Strings Without Boundaries: Where 21st century techniques meet tradition, creativity, and style. She is also an NS Design Performance Artist and a D’Addario Elite Clinician and the recipient of the 2014 ASTA Kudos Award, over two-dozen ASCAP Plus Awards, and three National Citation for Leadership & Merit awards from American String Teachers Association.



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