This intensive course will give you a working knowledge of the basics of drum circle facilitation and global percussion techniques, including taiko and various hand drums. Basic curriculum to teach at least two drum songs in the djembe and wadaiko styles will also be covered.

Instructor: John Yost

JyostJohn Yost has performed and recorded internationally. He has studied in
Africa, Japan, and in the USA with master drummers and facilitators.
John is degreed in Percussion from Northeastern University in Illinois
(1992) and obtained certification from Northwestern University in
Leadership (2013).  John has facilitated drum circles for conferences,
corporations, schools, community groups and at major events worldwide.
He is a leader and performer in both Primitive- world music group and
Kaiju Daiko and has consulted as an entertainment coordinator on world
class events. He teaches ongoing West African drum classes, Japanese
Taiko classes and facilitates a monthly community drum circle. John is
also the author of a best selling instructional video series entitled
“John Yost teaches”. John is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators
Guild, is on the board of the interactive drumming committee for the
Percussive Arts Society and is a Remo and Boomwhacker endorsed
facilitator. John is also a Certified Parks and Recreation
Professional by the National Recreation and Parks Association.

VanderCook College of Music - (312) 225-6288