The new National Core Arts Standards place broad emphasis on three artistic processes - creating, performing and responding to music. Inherent in the new standards is an endorsement of incorporating technology in all aspects of music education with the goal of fostering curiosity, experimentation, and above all, creativity. Music creation tools are ideally suited to encouraging all students, regardless of their musical knowledge, to become active creators. This project-based course explores open-ended, student-centered activities that promote individuality, independence and self-expression, using a variety of music creation tools (software, mobile apps, cloud apps and other online resources) suitable for the K-12 music classroom.  
  • Learn how to choose music creation tools that will support your teaching and curriculum 
  • Examine project-based, multi-track music production activities, and other types of resources (video, photos, text, online) that promote individuality, independence and self-expression 
  • Examine collaborative music creation activities in the cloud 
  • Learn practical tips for using music creation software to teach musical concepts 
  • Discuss how to assess creativity-based activities


Stefani Langol is a music educator, clinician, author and education technology consultant. She is an associate professor of music education at Berklee College of Music and also serves as the technology coordinator for the music education department. In addition, Langol is an adjunct assistant professor at the Boston Conservatory of Music, where she teaches music technology classes for the Master of Music Education degree program. 
Langol is a certified instructor for the Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) and offers graduate credit and TI:ME national certification courses at numerous sites throughout the Northeast. In addition, Langol served as editor-in-chief of the TI:MEs newsletter from 1997-2004 and the technology editor for the Massachusetts Music Educators Journal from 2004-2012. For over 20 years, Langol has designed and delivered technology training to K-12 and higher education music educators, and has been a featured presenter at numerous state, national and international music educator conferences in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Rhode Island, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Texas, Illinois, Toronto, and Nelson (Canada).
Langol is a co-author of the Alfred Music Tech Series, which includes Playing Keyboard, Music Production and MIDI Sequencing; and Composing with Notation Software as well as the accompanying Teacher’s Guide: Book 1. In addition, she has published several articles on music technology in the Music Educators Journal, Music Education Technology Magazine, Music and Computers, Artists House, and the Massachusetts Music Educators Journal.

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