Magical History Tour: The Story of The Beatles

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In this course, we will trace the history of the world’s most famous pop music group and the professionals around them who developed their work and careers - from the individual members’ formative years through their formation as a group, through their growth as writers and performers into one of the world’s first truly global phenomena, through their eventual breakup.  We will examine their process


  • Understand the significant moments in the historical development of The Beatles
  • Understand the pivotal role The Beatles played in the evolution of popular music
  • Understand the role The Beatles played in introducing “World Music” to the west
  • Understand The Beatles’ role in changing the music industry’s business models
  • Apply this knowledge in practical teaching activities

Even nearly a half century after their breakup, The Beatles serve as the archetypal rock band and “boy band”, and their careers, and those of the people who surrounded them and worked with them, permanently changed the nature of the music business.  They solidified the concept of the performer who writes his or her own material, established producers and engineers as creative professionals as opposed to the managers and technicians as which they’d previously been seen, and they showed the world how art and commerce could coexist… though that road was not always smooth.  In all of this and more are lessons that can help today’s students understand the foundations of today’s emerging new industry.

downloadJack Klotz Jr. is an educator, producer/engineer, musician and consultant based in Philadelphia. He was part of the team that developed the Philadelphia region’s first degree program for music technology and business. His varied career has included projects with several Grammy nominees, legends of R&B and jazz, an Emmy Award-winning experimental video program, a Barrymore Award-winning theater company, a Peabody Award-winning radio program, and traditional Japanese music. He has contributed to several texts, and presented to the Broadcast Educators Association, the International Society for Presence Research, French National Institutes for the Blind, the National Council for the Blind of Ireland, and others. He also served for six years on the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Grammy Awards organization. As so many other professionals working in pop music have, Klotz has devoted much time studying the work of The Beatles and is excited to share what he’s learned over the years with his fellow educators.

Magical History Tour: The Story of The Beatles

Instructor: Jack Klotz Jr.

3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $1,020 due in full with registration    
Course Code: 7829
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Required text(s):
The Beatles Anthology (DVD)
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Windows Users: stable wifi and access to Spotify (free side OK) and YouTube
reasonable fidelity stereo music playback system (earbuds OK)
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