Graduate advising may take place by phone at (312) 788-1144, via email at, or by making an appointment for a personal advising session with the Dean of Graduate Studies.  Please refer to the College Catalog for a list of curricular requirements for your specific track (band, choral, general music, or string), course descriptions, and all academic policies.

To help you select a balanced workload over the three summers it takes to complete the degree program, and to insure that no course requirements are missed, course of study suggestions are available for your convenience.  However, with guidance from the Dean of Graduate Studies, you may elect to customize your course load.

Course of Study Options

Please complete the Course Registration Form and the Tuition Payment Form and send both forms via email, fax or the U.S. Postal Service with your $100 deposit (including students receiving financial aid) to the Dean of Graduate Studies.  Candidates are strongly encouraged to register no later than June 1st.  Registration forms may be faxed to (312) 225-5211. Please be aware that no more than twelve (12) credit hours may be taken in any one summer.  This includes any configuration of residency courses and/or MECA continuing education electives.

VanderCook College of Music - (312) 225-6288