Students with Special Needs in Music Education

September 23December 15, 2019

Teaching music to students with special needs requires skills and dispositions not always taught in undergraduate programs. Through the use of appropriate adaptations and modifications students can succeed, at their own pace, in any music classroom or ensemble. This course emphasizes the importance of the personhood and dignity of all students, a knowledge of litigation and legislation regarding students with special needs in music, and a practical approach to meeting the needs of all students in any music classroom setting.

Instructor: Dr. Alice Hammel

IMG_20130610_090719Dr. Alice Hammel, Virginia’s Outstanding Music Educator of the Year (2018), is a widely known music educator, author and clinician whose experience in music is extraordinarily diverse. She a member of the faculty of James Madison University, and has many years of experience teaching instrumental and choral music in public and private schools. She also teaches online courses through many institutions throughout the United States. She has also maintained a large, independent flute studio for over 25 years.

Dr. Hammel travels widely to universities during the school year to serve as in-residence scholar in the area of students with special needs. This travel, combined with state, national and international conference headline and keynote presentations, keeps Dr. Hammel well-informed of the needs of both pre-service and in-service music educators. During summer months, Dr. Hammel teaches in graduate programs for music educators around the United States. Her expertise in those teaching situations ranges from musicianship, pedagogy, and teaching students who learn differently. This wide demand places her in close collaboration with PreK-12 music educators who are seeking to become better teachers and musicians.

Dr. Hammel is a co-author for four texts: Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Label-Free Approach (2nd ed., 2017), Teaching Music to Students with Autism; Winding It Back: Teaching to Individual Differences in Music Classroom and Ensemble Settings; and Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Practical Resource (2017). Dr. Hammel has contributed chapters to several Oxford University Press resources including Composing Our Future (Kaschub and Smith, eds.) and Exceptional Pedagogy (McCord and Blair, eds.). She has also written chapters for GIA and Routlege Publication resources. Dr. Hammel is a contributing author to a variety of resources available through the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) and has published widely in music, arts, special and general education journals.

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