The MECA Continuing Education Program at VanderCook College of Music is a component of the graduate division and offers graduate-level non-traditional, accelerated courses designed to fill the practical needs of band, choral, string and general music educators. Although not a degree program, a limited number of credits earned in the continuing education program may be applied as elective credits to the master of music education degree.

Music educators who wish to continue their professional development may elect to take courses in VanderCook's continuing education program.  Because a limited number of graduate credits earned in this program are transferable to VanderCook's MMEd degree, candidates must successfully complete a three-stage assessment.  Data are examined to ensure that participants acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their effectiveness as music educators and maintain relevancy in their field.

Candidate Acceptance

Candidates eligible for the MECA continuing education program must have previously earned a music degree from an accredited college or university, or have a bachelor's degree in another discipline and a minimum of 60 hours of music or music education credits at the undergradute level.

Completion of Assessment Activities

Students are expected to achieve a measurable degree of advancement in and fulfillment of specified learning objectives for each course, including mastery of the content or specific techniques deemed appropriate to the subject matter.  Evaluation mechanisms to measure knowledge and skills achieved are consistent with the goals defined.

Completion of Course

In an effort to advance VanderCook's institutional values and beliefs,  students in the continuing education program are expected to demonstrate that they value the essential role of music in our culture through personal daily commitment, a high level of class participation, and mastery of the subject matter.  Candidates are expected to perform at a high academic level.

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