Master of Music Education

A well-rounded, well-educated person who is also a fine musician, is of the utmost importance to the field of music education. Music educators must serve as intellectual role models for students, be able to relate to and converse with colleagues in other academic disciplines, and be advocates for music as an academic subject. Certified teachers accepted into the master's degree (MMEd) program must complete a five-stage formal assessment. Data collected for each benchmark on the path to degree completion are used to inform revision of the curriculum.

Admission to the College

Admissions standards are sufficiently high to predict success in graduate study, and admission policies are sufficiently flexible to allow in-depth study of diverse areas of the music education field. The diversity of previous education, background, and interests of applicants, are considered in assessment of potential. Admission to graduate study is based on critical examination of the academic record, the content of courses taken, and professional experience.

Course Completion

The MMEd program provides opportunities for students to enlarge their breadth of competence, which includes opportunities for deepening understanding of the relationships among musical specializations, such as:

  • Arranging and Composition

  • Conducting

  • Historical Analysis

  • Pedagogy

  • Performance

  • Research

  • Technology

Comprehensive Review

At the completion of coursework, the comprehensive review is achieved through the professional teaching portfolio or a written examination, which provides evidence of students' retention and application of skills and knowledge. Successful completion of this review is a requirement of graduation.

Master's Project

Students demonstrate advanced competencies to develop research and utilize findings in the development of a master's project, which can take one of several forms:

  • Traditional scholarly paper

  • Experiment

  • Curriculum or teaching manual

  • Review of music or educational resources

  • Original composition or arrangement

  • Computer-assisted instructional program

  • Lecture recital

  • Lecture demonstration

All projects are expected to meet standards of graduate-level scholarship and musicianship.

Degree Conferment

The MMEd degree is the culmination of graduate study. Students who are awarded this degree have demonstrated advanced competencies in music education, and have developed graduate-level perspectives on contemporary issues and problems in the field, through their study and research.


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