Whether as instrumentalists, vocalists or conductors, many musicians are holding their bodies in unconscious habits of misplaced tension. Even when the mental understanding of technique is clear, the body is categorically unable to respond because debilitating habits have become automatic responses. These issues often manifest in the discomfort of tight necks, shoulders, arms, hands, and backs; poor breath management; repetitive stress injuries; and fatigue. In this workshop, you’ll learn to identify your own patterns of body mechanics and simple exercises to increase body aware- ness and introduce more efficient habits. Participants who wish to be assessed should bring their instruments. Learn more about this work at http://HennessyWholeBodyVoice.com and http://VoiceAtTheCenter.com.

Instructor: Ruth Hennessey

Hennessy,_Ruth_headshot_2013Ruth Williams Hennessy is the founder of Hennessy Whole Body VoiceTM and the creator of the instructional DVD Voice at the CenterTM. Ruth’s unique BodyWorkShops are offered weekly in Manhattan, as well as at universities, choral organizations, acting programs, and symposiums across the country. Her DVD Voice At The Center, ideal for home use, is also used in university vocal pedagogy classes. Ruth's classical voice training includes both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Voice from Indiana University. In addition to musical theater and contemporary commercial voice training, Ruth’s continuing studies include bodywork, breathing, and alignment techniques; release and massage therapies; and numerous other disciplines. Teaching positions have included The University of Northern Iowa (Chair, Vocal/Choral); The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (Director, Professional Division); Hunter College; and NYU. A published author, Ruth’s articles have appeared both in print and online. Ruth’s workshops, university teaching, and private lessons in her New York City studio have assisted actors, singers, and speakers of every style for over thirty years. You can discover more about Ruth’s work at her websites: http://HennessyWholeBodyVoice.com and http://VoiceAtTheCenter.com.

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