Why VanderCook?


Why VanderCook?

"As a parent of a second year student, I can only recount our experiences with VanderCook - the school, the faculty, the staff and the students - in a word: WOW!

Our son has felt so comfortable at VanderCook from the moment he stepped onto the campus and into the building. He wanted a small school where he could:

  • get to know the other students, not just those in his studio;
  • get to know the faculty by name and have them know him by name, not be just another student;
  • get to know the staff, and for them to know him.

He has been able to achieve all that and more. He is surrounded by the most supportive and caring group of students and has the opportunity to get to work with world-renowned faculty. He gets to be challenged as an artist and to share his passion for music and teaching music to others.

He is growing and maturing as a person, and is in an environment that is both stimulating and nurturing at the same time.  And as a parent, that is such a wonderfully awesome thing to be able to provide to your child.

That’s Why VanderCook!"

- Melanie Hinds
mother of Alex Hinds, B '15

Why VanderCook?

"I have asked myself that question ever since my son said he wanted to go to school here. Watching him grow and succeed in an environment he loves could be answer enough. But there's more...

Through my son, I have learned that VanderCook produces something quite special for all of our lives: music educators. Music educators aren't just teachers or musicians, although they are both. They are also passionate advocates for every child to be able to have music in their lives.

Why VanderCook? Because it makes a difference. That's Why VanderCook!"

 - Teresa Albano
mother of Aidan Albano-Bachtel, B '13

Why VanderCook?

"As far as we are concerned, both of our children have advanced tremendously since beginning their third level education at VanderCook College of Music. Our daughter has reached senior year with confidence, a willingness to learn and the desire to be an amazing inspirational educator for many future musicians and students.

As for our son, in his first semester of his freshman year he raised his grade point average significantly. He is engaged in his classes and has showed us all the wonderful musician he is, and young man he has become.

We would be proud to recommend VanderCook College to any future music education student because we believe VanderCook College has played a major role in our children's advancement.

That's Why VanderCook!"

- Cliff & Clodagh Smith
parents of Bridget (B '13) and Clifford (B '15) Smith


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