The teaching of music is very important.

There exists a need for a place to train the best possible music teachers, and a single-purpose institution is a unique and effective way to meet that need.

The lives of present and future generations may be positively enhanced through experiences structured by teachers in the instrumental, choral, and general music disciplines.

Excellent teachers demonstrate:

  • Strong character
  • Skill in the process of teaching
  • Musical knowledge, skill, and value for the essential role of music in our culture

The teaching constructs of H.A. VanderCook and H.E. Nutt represent elements of tradition and pride for candidates of the college, and are of value to contemporary music education.

The educational environment we strive to create is characterized by personal interaction among candidates, faculty, and staff members; a high level of active candidate engagement in “hands-on,” studio-style classes; and the creation of authentic learning experiences.

Ideal candidates demonstrate the desire to be excellent music educators through continuous development of the following skills and attributes:

  • A high level of musicianship
  • Good citizenship
  • Academic ability and diligence
  • Self-discipline and persistence
  • Continuous learning
  • Inter- and intrapersonal skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changes in routine, schedule, and needs
  • Personal integrity
  • Building of pragmatic and diverse links to school music programs
  • Organizational ability
  • Professionalism in action, word, and appearance
  • Values consistent with professional music teaching standards

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