International student to teach in CPS.

Abi Fernandez will be teaching general music and piano at Peace and Education Coalition High School. Fernandez was an international student at VanderCook from Abu Dhabi. Fernande excelled in all classes and with her great love of photography, served as the school photographer for many occasions. She is proud of VanderCook education and states the following when asked about her new job....
"I'm really excited about this school. It's actually an alternative school so these kids chose to come back. Yes, there will be trouble makers. Yes, it'll be a struggle to teach them but I want these students to succeed past high school, and help them move on to bigger and better things: higher education, a means to provide for their families. I hope I can expand their horizons and teach them more than just music. I want to teach them to be better people, to be functioning members of society."
We wish Abi the best as she enters this new chapter in her life.



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