Another valuable way to make a meaningful contribution to VanderCook College of Music is by donating an asset such as a stock or mutual fund shares.  You basically have 2 options when considering stock and/or mutual fund gifts:
1.  Sell your stock, pay tax on capital gains and donate the proceeds to VanderCook College of Music.  
2.  Don't sell the stock and donate the shares to VanderCook.  By choosing his option, VanderCook would receive more than if you decided to sell the stock and donate the proceeds (minus the capital gains tax).  Also, you would receive a greater tax break at the end of the year by avoiding paying a capital tax gains tax on the sale of the stock.  
This can very confusing, but if you are considering a stock gift, please talk to your financial advisor and contact Jeffrey Sadowski, Director of Philanthropy, at 312-788-1166 or

Support VanderCook College of Music by donating your shares of stock and mutual funds, while saving on capital gains taxes and maximizing your tax deductible contribution!  It is a win-win scenario!


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