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VanderCook College of Music is currently engaged in a capital campaign to Meet the Challenge. Keith Mardak, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Hal Leonard LLC of Milwaukee, WI, has presented VanderCook with the largest donor gift in its history. The $2.5M challenge gift requires the college to raise an equal amount from other donors, with all funds designated to help VanderCook complete renovation of its performance center.

Keith Mardak, CEO and Chairman of the Board, 
Hal Leonard LLC of Milwaukee, WI

The college has never had a greater need than it does now.  In order to provide our students the educational facilities they need and deserve, and to meet the needs of our curriculum, we must expand, upgrade and enhance VanderCook’s current campus. 

To learn more about this project, please contact Dr. Roseanne Rosenthal, president, at 312.788.1152 or

Thanks to All Who
Have Contributed!

Kristi Adams

Paul Woodson

Kyle Rhoades

Karl Maurer

Cheryl Quinlan

Steven Hansen

Renee Burnett

Stephanie Becher

James Barnard

Roger White

John Oelerich

Sharon Keehn

Stan Schoonover

Emily Crocker

James Mullen

Anne Gallery

Kathy Svanascini

  Kaye Clements & Jeanne Triner

Peter Pappas

Denny Senseney

Michael Kamphuis

Jerri Moulder

George & Cindy Quinlan

Nancy Sabaj

Ronald Christoph

Candy White

William Henry

John Climer

Thanks to All Who
Have Contributed!

Alex Shapiro

 Dr. Lewis & Geraldine Schmidt 

Debbie Joiner Childress

Steven Michaels

Margaret Connolly

James Russell

Charles & Carol Emmons

Marjorie Pietkiewicz

Corinne McCoy

Tom Panici

Abigail Hall

Marcia Neel

Marc Jacoby

Quinlan & Fabish Music Co.

George Pierard

Michael Heneghan

Edward Oberdieck

Mary Jo Papich

Richard Crain

 Christopher & Ann Motogawa 

Terril L. Stumpf

Megan Zalokar

Fred Engler

Mike Rankin

Burton Hable

Katherine Schultz

Donna Novey

Cam Stasa

Thanks to All Who
Have Contributed!

Dr. Charles & Wanda Menghini

Brian Hardeman

Jennifer Popowitch

Dustin Molyneaux

Howard Tullman

Montrose Deli

Karla Thomas

Omar Fong-Bances

Michael Celmer

Dr. Yu-Sui Hung & Khan Lowe

Barbara Beach

Christian Anderson

William Ralston

Robert Good

Fred Plack

Rhonda Wright

Dr. Bonnie Campbell & Diana Schmück

Margene Pappas

Raymond Spaeth

Nadine Boyd

Corey Meals

Paige Hill

Brian North

David Mann & Sue G'Sell

Dana Buetow

Emily Smith

Eric Woltman

Hillary Patriok

Thanks to All Who
Have Contributed!

John Armato

Bill Rife

Bob Hoban

Darcy & Steven Nendza

Dal Schubert

Bugs Beddow

Nicole Oberg

Chris & Francesca Vanderwall

Nike Whitcomb

The City Club of Chicago

M. Max McKee

Nancy Bieschke

The John & Joan D'Addario Foundation

Diane Kelly

Erin Steele

Raymond Lee

David & Loren Chernoff

Richard Coulter

Herman & Sandy Knoll

Mimi Rainen

Eugene Weisman

Jessica Musgrave

Albert Davis

Kirk Graves

Jonathan Kirn

Dr. Leah Schuman

Paul Decker

Karen Kurtz

Thanks to All Who
Have Contributed!

Kristina Gomez

Dr. Robert & Nancy Spetzler

Cheryl Lavender

Marilea Zajec

Sierra Willsey

Jon Harris

Cheryl Suwardi

David Farquhar

Debra Brubeck

Mary Jo Gaskalla

Cathleen Vano

Texas Music Festivals Enterprises, Inc.

Jayme Morris-Hardeman

Ed Colson

Fred Gretsch

Lisa Weathers Lord

Cynthia Tovar

Hal Leonard, LLC

Constance Donnelly

Nancy Schuman

Michael Fiske

Melissa Menghini

Dave Einolf

Dr. Daniel Bauer

Chris Endecott

Halina & Stanislaw Urbaniak

Robert Snell

Ruth Lake

Thanks to All Who
Have Contributed!

Robert Snell

Bonnie Brown

Dr. Robert L. Sinclair

Patrick Casey

Malú Navarrete

Music for All, Inc.

Chinatown Parking Corporation

Melissa Menghini

Dr. Roseanne & James Rosenthal

Nike B. Whitcomb Associates, Inc.



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