College Advancement


VanderCook would not exist without the generosity of its community.
Every year, our donors support our scholarship funds, our capital campaign
 and our operational costs. These donations are the lifeblood of our institution,
and for that, we thank you. 




At VanderCook, "college advancement" refers to our endeavor to be the best possible institution of learning for our students while having a positive impact on our community. In order to successfully do so, we work to raise philanthropic support of the college by fostering beneficial relationships between ourselves and donors, alumni, trustees, businesses, government agencies and private institutions.


Philanthropy plays a crucial role at VanderCook, providing funding to help us meet a variety of needs. Philanthropy is about more than dollars and cents. It’s about you – directly influencing the students of VanderCook and the future of music education, improving life for people here and around the globe through your belief in the importance of music. Your philanthropy makes the difference, and allows the college to forever advance forward. 



Ways to Contribute

As an individual... You can support our students directly by donating to our Great Teachers Scholarship Fund, which finances the scholarship awards that allow them to overcome financial burdens. You can also give to our Share Your Passion campaign, which goes to our overhead costs, allowing us as an institution to focus our energy on our students and their academics, rather than the cost of rent and resources. Or, you can engage with our longterm goals by donating to our capital campaign.

Individuals can donate cash gifts as well as partake in planned giving. 

As a corporation...You can engage with all of the funds mentioned above through cash donations, grants, and sponsorships. Corporations are also able to make in-kind donations. In-kind donations of a significant value are especially appreciated during our event season, as driving down event-related costs allows us to focus on our fundraising efforts. 


Learn More About Advancement

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