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Our alumni…

  • Currently, 9% of our addressable alumni participate in the annual Share Your Passion Campaign.
  • 100% of the Alumni Association Board of Directors participates in annual giving.

Our trustees…

  • 100% of our Board of Trustees participates in annual giving, as well as soliciting support from family, colleagues, and business connections.

Our faculty and staff…

  • 80% of our faculty and staff "gave at the office" to support the annual Share Your Passion Campaign, as well as many of our restricted scholarships.

Our friends...

  • Community partners, parents, friends of students and staff make a considerable investment in VanderCook.  45% of the Share Your Passion Campaign dollars were invested by our friends.

Simply stated, more students need more support – more instruments for techniques classes and ensembles, more storage lockers, access to more computers and library resources, more faculty and support staff…and even more chairs and music stands!  Our success has been made possible through the generous support of alumni and friends. Our continued success means we must turn to you for help. Please consider how you can be part of the community of VanderCook supporters.  Share your passion through a gift to VanderCook.  

Help us secure the future of music education.  Help us make a difference.


Coming to VanderCook has revitalized my passion for teaching as I’ve watched my teachers use music to create an environment of love, comfort, security, and learning for the students here.  If I can one day create a music community half as tremendous as VanderCook, I will have this school and you to thank.  Without your contributions and support, my dream would not be so near to becoming a reality.  A million thanks!

-Vicki Shoemaker

3rd year undergraduate


VanderCook College of Music

3140 South Federal Street
Chicago, IL 60616-3731
(312) 225-6288

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