Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

Corporate gifts at all levels and of all kinds benefit VanderCook's institutional priorities. We at VanderCook recognize the motivations behind corporate philanthropy, and seek to build cooperative and beneficial relationships with the corporations who choose to support us. 

To engage in corporate giving, please contact Monica Soto at 312.788.1131 or



Ways To Give

Cash donations and grants
Cash donations and grants are the two most straightforward ways for corporations to give to VanderCook. With cash donations, corporations can either donate unrestricted funds or to specific funds such as our Great Teachers Scholarship Fund and our capital campaign. Similarly, grants can go towards our overhead costs, allowing us to focus on our academic programs. Because we are a nonprofit organization, grants are also a way for corporations to fulfill their corporate social responsiblity programs. 

In-kind donations 
At VanderCook, we are always in need of two things: instruments and music. Music companies can support our programs by donating these or other music-related equipment. We are very grateful for the companies who have already donated quality instruments and sheet music, alleviating the unique financial burden music colleges face. 

In-kind donations are also greatly appreciated at our events, where we often need audiovisual work, catering, and other event-related services. By giving in-kind donations, corporations allow VanderCook to focus on the fundraising aspect of our events, rather than the costs they accrue. 

We emphasize the relationship-building aspect of corporate giving at VanderCook, and understand that the companies that support us must also support their own business. Therefore we provide a number of opportunities for companies to support us by purchasing advertisement space on our event programs, our website, and our social media. 


A Night at the Pops! 

Our annual fundraising event, A Night at the Pops! provides a plethora of unique opportunities for corporations to get involved with our mission. A celebratory event of music, community, and the spirit of giving, A Night at the Pops! fundraises for our Great Teachers Scholarship Fund. The GTS Fund finances a number of scholarships that are awarded to our students, lessening their financial burdens and allowing them to pursue their dreams. 

Corporations can support the event by: 

  • Sponsoring the event through advertisements on the VanderCook website, the Pops program, etc.
  • Donating in-kind gifts to support the event logistically, such as catering and audiovisual work
  • Donating in-kind gifts to be auctioned at events like the annual Pops concert



Thank You

Below are the corporations who have supported VanderCook in the past, in various capacities. We are always grateful for their contributions. 

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