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A Tradition of Gratitude

At VanderCook, we characterize our school spirit with pride and gratitude. The pride is in our students and graduates and their incredible accomplishments, and the gratitude is in our community for its generosity. That pride and gratitude drives us to acknowledge the events of each year.

The college began publishing an annual report in 2011 to showcase our students, alumni, programs and outreach activities. Annual reports highlight the most recent, previous fiscal year and also feature recognition of our donors for that same period. After a hiatus beginning in 2014, VanderCook reinvigorated the annual report tradition in 2018, with the hopes of carrying it on for years to come. 

All of our previous annual reports can be found on this page. To look at our current annual report, which reflects on the 2018-2019 fiscal year, click here. 




    yog_cover1     2018_annual_report_cover    2013_Annual_Report_FINAL_copy   
2019                                     2018                                     2013

 Annual_Report_2012-_cover_copy    2011 Annual Report Cover    2010_Annual_Report_Cover
2012                                     2011                                     2010




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