Welcome to the Best of VanderCook page.  Please take a moment to view some of the recitals performed by VanderCook students

Canzone for Flute and Piano
Composed by Samuel Barber
Performed by Victoria Shoemaker


Click HERE for more flute recitals.

Capriccio for Unaccompanied Clarinet
Composed by Heinrich Sutermeister
Performed by Jeremy Rowland


Click HERE for more clarinet recitals.

Sonatine for Bassoon and Piano
Composed by Alexandre Tansman
Performed by David Frith


Click HERE for more bassoon and oboe recitals.

Vocalise-Étude pour Voix Élevées
Composed by Oliver Messiaen
Performed by Stephanie Gergen


Click HERE for more saxophone recitals.

Villanelle for Horn and Piano
Composed by Paul Dukas
Performed by A.J. Yoeckel


Click HERE for more French horn recitals.

Concert Etude
Composed by Alexander Goedicke
Performed by Matt Jackson


Click HERE for more trumpet recitals.

A Hog in the Fog
Composed by Tommy Pederson
Performed by Amber Love and Gabe Smith


Click HERE for more low brass recitals.

Eight on 3 and Nine on 2
Composed by Robert Marino
Performed by Kevin Hanrahan and David Oriente


Click HERE for more percussion recitals.

Pour le Piano
Composed by Claude Debussy
Performed by John Caliban


Click HERE for more piano recitals.

Songs of Travel, The Roadside Fire
Composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Performed by Patrick Volker


Click HERE for more vocal recitals.

Estudios Sencillos, mvmt VI
Composed by Leo Brouwer
Performed by Pedro Garcia


Click HERE for more guitar recitals.

Composed by Amy Marcy Cheney Beach
Performed by Patricia Rosas


Click HERE for more violin and viola recitals.

Bass-ic Blues for Two
Composed by Susan H. Day
Performed by Vaijayanthi Vaidyanthan and Xavier Maldonado


Click HERE for more cello and bass recitals.

Secondary Recitals

All students at VanderCook will learn at least 18 different instruments as part of their education. The following video is a student recital on a secondary discipline.
Mein Herr Marquis
    from Die Fledermaus

Composed by Johann Strauss
Performed by Stacey Augle


Click HERE for more secondary recitals.



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