Percussion Recitals


Composed by James Campbell
Performed by María Lucía Navarrete
Junior Recital April 6, 2014
Blue Rondo a la Turk
Composed by Dave Brubeck
Performed by Elliot Borg with John Caliban, Marisa Bellie, and Brandon Harding
John Caliban Senior Recital April 26, 2014
Island Magic
Composed by David Weckl
Performed by Elliot Borg
Junior Recital April 21, 2013
Violin Partita #2 in D Minor, BWV 1004

Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Performed by Juan Torres
Senior Recital December 2, 2012
8 on Three and 9 on Two
Composed by Robert Marino
Performed by Kevin Hanrahan and David Oriente
Senior Recital April 29, 2011
Serenade for the Doll
      from "Children's Corner"

Composed by Claude Debussy
Performed by Becky Falls
Senior Recital February 9, 2014
Composed by Adi Morag
Performed by Sara Tischler with Dustin Shahidehpour
Senior Recital November 10, 2012
Lonely City Suite
I. Another Day in the Back Bay
II. The Things Fall Apart
III. Last One Out

Composed by Jason Baker
Performed by David Schmuck
Senior Recital April 15, 2011
Chasing Shadows
Composed by Ivan Trevino
Performed by Cliff Smith, Luke Moyta, Andrew Quinlan, Elliot Borg, Christian Perez, and Steve Vonderohe
Large Ensemble Concert November 11, 2014
Composed by Scott Johnson
Performed by Elliot Borg
Senior Recital November 15, 2014
Furioso and Waltz in d minor
Composed by Earl Hatch
Performed by Christian Perez
Student Seminar October 2, 2014
Stepping Stones
Composed by Steven Vonderohe
Performed by Steven Vonderohe
Student Seminar October 30, 2014
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