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Flower Sale Selections and Pricing

Flats - $14 or 2/$27

Each flat has 48 plants.

  • Ageratum:  blue
  • Alyssum:  purple, white
  • Begonias:  dark leaf mix, dark leaf red, dark leaf white, green leaf mix, green leaf red, green leaf white
  • Dusty Miller:  silver
  • Impatiens:  coral/salmon, hot pink, lilac, mixed, orange, pink, red, violet, white
  • Lobelia:  blue
  • Marigolds (short):  orange, rust, yellow
  • Marigolds (med. height):  orange, rust, yellow
  • Marigolds (lg. pom flower):  orange, yellow
  • Petunias:  mixed, pink, purple, red, white
  • Portulaca:  mixed
  • Salvia (short):  red
  • Salvia (med. height):  red
  • Salvia (tall):  red
  • Salvia:  victoria blue
  • Snapdragons (short):  mixed
  • Snapdragons (tall):  mixed
  • Verbena:  mixed, red, violet
  • Vinca:  grape, pink, rose, white

4 1/2" Pots - $3.50 or 6/$20

  • Pot fillers:  spikes, springerii, vinca vine
  • Bacopa:  white
  • Butterfly Daisies:  yellow
  • Diamond Frost:  white
  • Dragon Wing Begonias:  pink, red
  • Gerbera Daisies:  orange, yellow
  • Lobelia:  blue, white
  • Nico:  purple
  • Oxalis:  wine
  • Petunias:
    • Calibroachoa Millions Bells (minis):  blue, pink, rose, white, yellow
    • Pot-Tunia:  black, blue, pink, purple, red, white, yellow
    • Wave Petunia:  pink, purple, white
  • Sweet Potato Vine:  black, green
  • Torenia:  blue
  • Verbena (trailing):  blue, pink, red, white

Hanging Baskets - $18-$20

  • Bacopa:  white
  • Begonia
    • Dragon Wing (hanging flower):  pink, red
    • Tuberous (large pom flowers):  orange, pink, red, yellow
  • Blackeyed Susan:  orange
  • Bolivian Jew:  green
  • Bridal Veil:  white
  • Impatiens
    • Double (rosettes):  lavendar, pink, purple, red, salmon
    • Standard:  mixed
  • Geranium
    • Ivy:  fuschia, pink, red, violet, white
    • Mini-leaf Ivy:  mixed
    • Stanard with vinca vine:  pink, red, salmon
  • Petunia:  pink, purple, white
  • Scaevola:  blue
  • Torenia:  blue
  • Wandering Jew:  purple

Vegetables and Herbs

We'll have an assortment of herbs and vegetables on hand, but if you're looking for something specific please email Amy Lenting at


Our supplier has too many options to list them all!  If you have any special requests, please email Amy Lenting at

Pre-Arranged Patio Pots - $25-$40

Because our greenhouse supplier has such a large inventory of options, we will have a large assortment of patio pots at the sale.  If you have any special requests, please email Amy Lenting at  Chances are good that our supplier has what you're looking for.


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Order Form

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Order Form

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