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Spring 2022 MECA

Continuing Education Courses


Logic for the Music Educator


March 14-May 8, 2022

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2 Graduate Credits


$710, due in full with registration


Music performers and educators alike know the importance of ensemble recording: now more than ever.  Whether producing a CD, streaming a performance, recording a YouTube video, creating an audition submission, or documenting your rehearsals for student self-evaluation, ensemble recording enriches the musical experience. Recording of ensembles once required large financial outlay and experienced audio professionals to achieve that task. Progress in technology has made recorded musical documentation attainable, and Apple’s Logic is one of the simplest and intuitive tools to meet that goal.

Along with being an industry standard in audio recording, Logic can also be used as rehearsal aid, musical exercise creator, and creative “notepad” for musicians of any age.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Assemble an affordable and efficient equipment setup for ensemble recording.
  • Create two-track and multi-track audio recordings.
  • Compose simple play-alongs and practice materials using Logic’s software instruments and loops.
  • Create “click tracks” and backing tracks for remote recordings.
  • Perform basic audio editing tasks.
  • Understand simple effects processing like EQ, compression and reverb.
  • Assemble a simple mix of recorded material and remote recordings.
  • Bounce and export music for web, streaming, CD and video.
  • Use Logic as an audio tool within Zoom.

Whether you’re looking to record your ensemble, engage students with custom backing practice tracks, or assemble your students’ home recordings, Logic is proving to be a valuable aid for the modern music educator. Let’s dig in and get to making some music in this new digital age!


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Darren Scorza

Darren Scorza is a musician, music educator, clinician and project studio owner. He has been teaching drums and percussion in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years. Currently he is drumset instructor and teaches percussion methods at North Park University and teaches jazz percussion at William Rainey Harper College. Scorza draws from his performance experience in both drumset and classical percussion areas to create a unified teaching method blending these two diverse performance settings. He has over 80 recordings in his discography as a drumset player, percussionist and recordist/mixer. He has performed with artists including Bobby Enriquez, the Platters and Eddie Harris, as well as performing and recording with varied local artist such as Michele Thomas, Jeannie Tanner, Elaine Dame, John Bany, Keri Johnsrud, Ari Seder, Cast Iron Skillet, the Waystation, the Metropolitan Jazz Octet and Jeff Hedberg’s C11. He also serves as music director and drummer for his wife’s Michele Thomas & Soulmeme quintet.
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