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Continuing Education Courses


Introduction to Graduate Study


February 14-May 8, 2022

Course Code

MECA: 7092 Grad: 562


2 Graduate Credits


$1,065, due in full with registration Course Code 7380 for MECA Students. $1,140, due in full with registration Course Code 562 for MMEd Students.


An introduction to graduate-level scholarship as practiced in music education. Historical, philosophical, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies are examined and applied in a final research project. The overarching goal of this course is to develop a vision of one’s self as a thoughtful, principled Master of Music Education. To achieve this very broad vision, this class will help you to:

  • Differentiate the ways in which people come to understand knowledge and truth in music, education, and other domains of the human condition.
  • Understand the scope and sequence of formal, scholarly thinking in music education.
  • Identify questions in music education that are relevant to one’s life and work as a musician or prospective or practicing music educator.
  • Create an organized, curated catalog of articles, books, web sites and other material that is relevant to one’s life and work as a music educator.
  • Understand the scope and sequence of a research project in general, and a MMEd project in particular.

Peer feedback, self-assessment and instructor assessment will be used along with a variety of tools including rubrics, short quizzes, and qualitative overviews.

MECA Students
2 Graduate Credits
Course Code 7380
$1,140, due in full with registration

MMEd Students
2 Graduate Credits
Course Code 562
$1,140, due in full with resgistration


Roseanne Rosenthal

Roseanne Rosenthal

President, Professor of Music Education

Dr. Roseanne Rosenthal recently began her second tenure as President of VanderCook, having previously served in that capacity from 1989-2004. She received a Bachelor of Music degree from SUNY Fredonia, and her Master of Science and Doctor of Education degrees from Syracuse University under the direction of Dr. Cornelia Yarbrough. She taught instrumental and general music in upstate New York for many years prior to arriving at VanderCook. A past president of the Illinois Music Educators Association, Dr. Rosenthal is on the editorial boards of both the Journal of Research in Music Education and the Reviews of Research in Human Learning and Music. She has published and presented numerous research articles pertaining to music teacher education and music learning, participates in the Motor Learning Research Forum, and has served as chair of the NAfME Music Education Research Council. Between presidential terms, Dr. Rosenthal taught coursework in methods of music teaching, research, technology and education psychology at VanderCook.

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