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Summer 2024 MECA

Continuing Education Courses


Guitar for the Music Educator Level 1


June 10-August 2, 2024

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3 Graduate Credits*


$1,125 is due in full with registration.


Embark on a transformative journey into the world of guitar instruction with Guitar for the Educator Level I, an engaging online, asynchronous course designed to equip educators with the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in teaching guitar at any level. Whether you’re a novice to the instrument or an experienced player seeking innovative teaching methodologies, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of functional concepts and materials essential for success in the classroom, supplemented by training in the use of FretWire ( as a curriculum resource.

Course Objectives:

– Mastering Functional Concepts: Participants will delve into essential functional concepts, including chord progressions, rhythmic patterns, and strumming techniques, providing a solid foundation for effective guitar instruction.

-Instrument Selection: Through interactive modules, educators will learn best practices for selecting appropriate instruments, catering to diverse student needs and preferences.

– Chord Mastery: From basic open chords to advanced barred positions, participants will gain proficiency in playing and teaching a wide range of chords, fostering musical fluency and creativity.

– Reading Guitar Notation: Students will explore various guitar notation styles, enhancing their ability to read and interpret musical scores with confidence and accuracy.

– Exploring Musical Styles: The course will cover essential repertoire spanning genres such as blues, pop, and folk, empowering educators to introduce students to a diverse range of musical styles and traditions.

– Training in FretWire: Participants will receive comprehensive training in utilizing FretWire ( as a curriculum resource, enabling them to access a wealth of instructional materials, lesson plans, and interactive tools to enhance their teaching practice.

Target Audience:

This course is tailored for educators who aspire to incorporate guitar instruction into their teaching practice, regardless of prior experience or proficiency level. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, music educator, or aspiring guitar instructor, this course provides the tools and resources needed to lead successful guitar classes and enhance student engagement.

Course Benefits:

– Flexible, asynchronous format allows participants to learn at their own pace and convenience, accommodating busy schedules and diverse learning styles.
– Accessible online platform fosters collaborative learning and interaction with fellow educators, facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices.
– Comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from instrument selection to chord mastery, ensuring participants develop a well-rounded understanding of guitar instruction.
– Practical, real-world applications enable educators to immediately apply newly acquired skills and techniques in their teaching practice, fostering student success and musical growth.

Course Format:

Guitar for the Educator Level I is delivered entirely online through an asynchronous format, allowing participants to access course materials and engage in learning activities at their own pace. The course features a combination of multimedia content, interactive exercises, and self-assessment quizzes, providing a dynamic and immersive learning experience.


Guitar for the Educator Level I offers a comprehensive introduction to guitar instruction for educators seeking to enhance their teaching practice and inspire student creativity and musical expression. By mastering foundational concepts, practical skills, and training in FretWire as a curriculum resource, participants will emerge equipped with the confidence and expertise needed to lead successful guitar classes at any level.

*Students enrolled in the MMEd degree program at VanderCook may register for this course at the 500-level through the student portal. Please contact Dean Sinclair at [email protected] if academic advising is needed.


Matt Hudson

Matt Hudson

Matt Hudson (MMEd ‘10) is a jazz guitarist from Erie, PA, currently teaching guitar and band at Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Hudson began his formal music studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 1999. He won the Mellon Bank Jazz Scholarship, which gave him the chance to study with saxophonist Nathan Davis and world-renowned guitarist Joe Negri. Hudson has a voracious appetite for jazz improvisation and studied many eras of the form with a particular emphasis on blues and bebop. He became a regular fixture at jam sessions in Pittsburgh and by the time he graduated in 2003, he was performing in many top venues with artists such as Gene Stovall, Reggie Watkins, The Marvelettes, Jay Willis and Curtis Fuller. By the end of that year, Hudson decided to settle in Chicago to pursue creative opportunities that blended r&b, hip hop, jazz and rock. This began a fertile period for Hudson marked by collaborations with William Kurk Enterprise, Siji, Aaron Getsug, Scott Hessy and Karl E.H. Siegfried. In 2006, Hudson met producer and DJ Anthony Nicholson and his son Quincy Nicholson. This began his affiliation with the jazz recording group Scientific Map. Over the course of five years, this group recorded and toured in support of releases for the Imaginary Chicago Records label.
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