The George Quinlan Concert Series

quinlan-george-srThe importance of music education is not the only thing we hail and celebrate at VanderCook. There are several players in the music industry whose mission and motives align with VanderCook's, those who also understand the way an individual's world opens up once they learn to play music. Quinlan & Fabish and Yamaha Corporation, are two such players. 

Quinlan & Fabish, founded by George Quinlan, Sr., is the largest distributor of musical instruments and supplies instruments to schools all throughout the country. George Quinlan, Sr.'s guiding vision was to put an instrument in the hands of every child, allowing them to explore the arts and enter the world of music. Similarly, Yamaha aspires to be the finest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world. Yamaha aims to provide the musical instruments, Quinlan & Fabish seeks to put those high-quality instruments in the hands of students, and VanderCook prepares the music educators who will teach the students. 

The George Quinlan, Sr. Concert Series honors the late founder of Quinlan & Fabish's contributions to music education. In recognition of his efforts and the trifold commitment to music education by all three organizations, Yamaha agrees to commit two Yamaha Performing Artists a year. These Performing Artists come to VanderCook to work with its students, hold seminars, and perform in beautiful evening concerts.  These concerts are a hidden gem in Chicago, combining the training and hard work of VanderCook's students with musical virtuosos of all kinds. 

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