Brownsville, Texas Receives Music Education Award

May 3, 2014 02:15 PM

The Brownsville, Texas Independent School District has received the 2014 Best Communities for Music Education Award from the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation.  VanderCook has a long, proud history and tradition with the Brownsville school band program.

James R. Murphy (MMEd '52) became the head director of the Brownsville Band after World War II, and he began hiring VanGrads Wayne Coleman (MMEd '50), George Borich (BMEd '53) and Dr. Robert Vezzetti (BMEd '54, HD '11).  After Murphy left Brownsville to accept a college position in Minnesota, Vezzetti was named head band director and led the band to national prominence.  

Other VanderCook Alumni who have taught in Brownsville include Arcadio Guajardo (BMEd '58) Segundo Guajardo (BMEd '61), Dan Vitello (BMEd '60), Javier Vera (MMEd '78), David Norris (BMED '69), Carl Becker (BMEd '55, MMEd '69), Paul Brazaukus (BMEd '53, MMEd '62) Dan Williams (BMEd '72), Willie Owens (BMEd '85), George Paterson (BMEd '62, MMEd '78), Audrey Paterson (MMEd '78), Bob Hickford (BMEd '65), Paul Flinchbaugh (BMEd '81), Stacey Dunn (BMEd '83), Rolando Zapata (MMEd '81), Mick Kuntz (BMEd '84), Bryan Kuntz (BMEd '95), Dennis Ewing (BMEd '88), Mike Dawson (BMEd '90, MMEd '00), Dave Graeber (BMEd '91, MMEd '02), Armando Medrano (BMEd '75), Tiffany Gibson (BMEd '06) and David Gibson (BMEd '06).

You can read more in VanderCook's 2012 annual report.





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