Best Educational Practices

To support teaching candidates’ work as music educators and prepare them to become leaders in the music education community, our curriculum is based on:

A well-rounded, well-educated person who is also a strong musician is of the utmost importance to the field of music education.  Music educators must serve as intellectual role models to their students, relate to and converse with colleagues in other academic disciplines, and advocate for music as an academic subject.  For these reasons, VanderCook encourages and expects:

Candidates are given the opportunity to learn from master teachers who have been guided by the teaching methodologies of College founders H.A. VanderCook and H.E. Nutt.  Our programs not only prepare candidates for continued success in all levels of public school music teaching, but also provide them with the tools necessary to contribute to the field of music education.  Our programs are oriented toward developing logical thinkers; providing practical teaching techniques and methodologies that can be used immediately in the classroom; strengthening candidates’ abilities to perform successfully as presenters at seminars and workshops; and enabling them to guide and nurture the students placed in their care.