VanderCook College of Music's assessment system is derived from six sources, each with overlapping but distinct purposes. They are as follows:

1. Evaluation of Candidate Qualifications.

A multiple-stage system to assess undergraduate, master of music education and certification, and graduate candidates' progress at the following points. Aspects of this assessment are aligned with the Dispositions, Outcomes, Standards and Coursework described in the previous charts.

2. Institutional Tracking.

In 2008, the institution began the conversion to CAMS EnterpriseTM (Comprehensive Academic Management System), which is a completely integrated, web-based Academic Enterprise Resource Planning for higher education. This system will allow data for candidates in all VanderCook's programs to be collected and tracked, and is expected to track retroactive data by 2012. Prior to 2008, the respective deans monitored grades, ISBE test scores, IPEDS reports and other data.

3. Semester assessments.

Undergraduate assessments may include juryexaminations or recitals; performance in VCM Seminar; credit hours attempted/credit hours earned; GPA; Musicianship, Scholarship, Citizenship (MSC) Grids; and course evaluations. Graduate assessments may include GPA, credit hours attempted/credit hours earned, MSC Grids (MMEd/Cert candidates only), graduate course exit assessments, and course evaluations. Semester assessments for all programs also incorporate qualitative and/or quantitative assessments of candidates' performance in ensembles and classes.

4. Faculty and Staff Professional Development & Assessment.

As an institution of higher education, we embrace and encourage life-long learning and growth. To this end, faculty and staff of the college are involved in annual professionaldevelopment and review. Professional development plans are written at the beginning of each academic year. During the spring semester, faculty and staff members assess their performance on a standardized form. A meeting is set with the president, dean or director of each program to discuss assessment and future goals.

5. Accreditation reviews.

Institutional reviews by NASM, The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, and ISBE. The process of preparing reviews is frequent, comprehensive, and significant in the way programs are assessed and redesigned.

6. Long-range Planning.

In the 2009-2010 academic year, VanderCook College of Music began to develop an updated long-range plan, Directions for a Second Century.  This long-range plan is being written to articulate the needs and directions for the College as it enters its second century.