Ann Engels Nogueira (B'07) Making a Difference Overseas

January 7, 2015 09:18 AM
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VanderCook graduate Ann Engels Nogueira (B'07) was a saxophone major on the band track who now finds herself teaching choir. Overcoming some challenging enrollment numbers, she uses some creative recruitment tactics and shows off her skills in band, choir, and strings.  She is currently teaching at the Incirlik, United States Air Base, in Turkey.  Not a stranger to overseas teaching, Ann has also taught in Portugal, and has experienced the overseas education system as a student before coming to VanderCook in 2004.  She is featured below in article by Marie Sainz-Funaro and Linda Hogan for the "Overseas Teacher - OFT".



Article credit -  Marie Sainz-Funaro and Linda Hogan - The Overseas Teacher OFT

It is challenging, at small schools, to get a large number of students en-rolled in chorus. It is especially challenging when the small school gets a new music teacher. Excessed from Lajes, Ann Nogueira, pictured far left paying the “cajon” is new to Incirlik Unit School this year. She knew that working with a choir class of only four students would be a challenge. So what was the class's first assignment? Choose two songs that will appeal to your classmates, learn them, and perform them for the school. "Let's see how many students we can get to sign up and join us for an after-school club," Ann Nogueira challenged the members. Immediately following an after-school performance in the school's courtyard, the choir had over twenty students sign up. Ann is hopeful that with a larger choir, students will be able to get a more real-world feel for the challenges and pleasures of singing for an audience. The chorus will spend the year performing popular music, and this will give the non-traditional music students (bass guitar, guitar, drums, and keyboard) a chance to participate in an ensemble that would have otherwise been unavailable to them. 






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