Distinguished Alumni Award

Each year, the Alumni Association Board recognizes an alumnus who has made significant contributions to the field of music education and the the legacy of VanderCook.  Consideration is given to those who: 

  • Have an established record of excellence in their particular field, confirmed and recognized either regionally or nationally.

  • Have a history of supporting VanderCook through any or all of the following:

    • Professional visibility in their field.

    • A degree of recognition and respect among colleagues and other professionals.

    • Actual service to the college (donations of time, money, expertise, “sweat equity,” etc.)

    • A sense of responsibility toward supporting the goals and mission of VanderCook.

    • A willingness to continue to support VanderCook.

    • A sustaining interest in promoting VanderCook to potential students and professionals.


Awards are presented at the annual Alumni Meeting and Reception.


Past Award Recipients

2018-Dennis Ewing
2017-Michael Eagan
2016-Mary Land
2015-Stacey Larson Dolan
2014-William Owens
2013-Constance Donnelly
2012-Dennis Hayslett
2011-Brian Logan
2010-Paul Flinchbaugh
2009-Elizabeth Thornton
2008-Steven Humphrey
2007-Cindy Swan Eagan
2006-Carmen Rivera Kurban
2005-John Marshall
2004-Donna Wirth
2002-Michael Schleicher
2001-George Pierard
1999-Arcadio Guajardo
1998-Ruth Rhodes
1997-Fred Lewis
1996-Donald Wilkes
1995-Harris Bergh
1994-Herman Knoll
1993-Henry P. Vander Linde
1992-James R. Murphy (Posthumous)       
1991-Mike Davis
1990-Adeline Anderson
1989-Theodore Paschedag
1988-Lewis Schmidt
1987-James E. Clark
1986-Charles Bradley (Posthumous)

1985-Laurie Neeb
1984-Edgar P. Thiessen
1982-Robert B. Vezzetti
1983-Albert J. Castronova
1981-William J. Carrol (Posthumous)
1980-Harold Luhman
1979-Clarence Gates (Posthumous)
1978-Victor W. Zajec
1977-George Zafros
1976-Richard E. Brittain
1975-Clifford P. Lillya
1974-Merle J. Isacc
1973-John H. Beckerman
1972-Haskell W. Harr
1971-Forrest L. Buchtel
1970-Dr. H. E. Nutt
1969-Dr. Gilbert E. Wilson
1968-Martha E. Elder
1967-Colonel Harold Bachman
1966-Albert R. Casavant
1965-Walter H. Dyett
1964-Guy F. Foreman
1963-Dr. William D. Revelli
1962-Ernest O. Caneva




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