Alumni Spotlight - Patrick Hayes

June 16, 2014 10:10 AM

Patrick Hayes admits it was quite a long process and journey to have his research published in the Fall 2013 issue of the Journal of Band Research.  The idea sparked during his first year of grad school at VanderCook College of Music.  The class was asked to start considering topics for their MMed project.  That same week, Dr. Menghini, president & director of bands, had invited Dr. Mead Killion of Etymotic Research to speak to the concert band about the hearing health issues facing music teachers. Etymotic Research specializes in improving the lives of those with hearing loss, protect hearing, and enhance the listening experience of musicians and music lovers everywhere.  The presentation led Patrick to look at his own sound exposure as a high school band director.  With the help of some of his VanderCook classmates and Etymotic Research, he measured the noise dose of 5 high school band directors through a typical day of teaching.  All directors in the study were found to experience dangerously high noise doses, from 3.4 to 20 times over the NIOSH recommendations. He concluded that music teaching could damage something it requires: hearing.  The study presented recommendations for music teachers to limit their noise dose.  With the help and guidance of Dr. Rosenthal, music education professor, his 148-page MMed project was distilled down to a 17-page article that was in the Fall 2013 issue of Journal of Band Research. Patrick hopes that this publication helps music teachers protect their own hearing and the hearing of their students, allowing them to continue sharing their passion for music.




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