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John Lennon




Thursday, July 24
6:30 PM
Room 130



Commencement Logistics

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center

220 S. Michigan


To save time, students who are graduating may wear gown and hood while performing but no caps.  String players should not wear gowns or hoods so sleeves don’t flap.


The graduating class photo is at 10:00 in the Rotunda at Symphony Center.  Be there by 9:30 so you are ready promptly at 10:00 wearing cap and gown.


Commencement rehearsal begins at 10:30 - Sound checks begin at 11:15- order is:

o   Processional/recessional walk-through for graduating students

o   Chorus

o   String Ensemble

o   Chorale

o   Symphonic Band

Poster Display– You are not required to display your poster but may do so if you wish.

o   Set-up posters on tables in the Grainger Ballroom

o   No AV or electronic equipment is allowed – only the poster

o   Set-up on tables – first come, first served

o   Posters will be available for viewing from 1:00 to 4:30

o   Posters must be removed at 4:30 and must be gone by 5:00

Doors Open to the Public:

o   1:00 to view posters

o   1:30 for the concert

Concert begins at 2:00- program order (subject to change):

o   Chorus

o   String Ensemble

o   Chorale

o   Symphonic Band

o   Intermission

o   Commencement Ceremony

1.  Instruments|

                              Orchestra Members

o   put violins & violas on backstage shelves

o   cellos & basses on racks

o   all string instrument cases MUST remain in the dressing room

Band Members

o   keep instruments in dressing rooms

o   security will guard them as they do for CSO musicians

2. When the chorus is finished performing:

                                Orchestra Memebers

o   follow student worker to Buntrock Hall

o   put choral music in bin

o   get on the freight elevator with student worker

o   go to backstage area

o   retrieve instruments from backstage shelves

o   move quickly to stage to perform

                               Chorale Members

o   go to Buntrock Hall and line up

o   proceed to stage

o   line up behind string ensemble

                                Band Members

o   go down the Rotunda staircase

o   put choral music in bins at bottom of staircase

o   go to the dressing rooms for instruments and band music

o   go quickly to stage when chamber singers are finished performing

3.  Everyone must move quickly and quietly between events so we stay on time.  Please no talking!

4. During intermission – Everyone must clear the stage immediately so CSO stagehands can reset for the commencement ceremony.

                               Graduating students

o   immediately put away instruments

o   put on regalia

o   go to the Arcade to line up for processional (hallway from Rotunda to Orchestra Hall lobby)


o   go to the Terrace for ceremony

o   you will sing the benediction


o   put away instruments and leave them in dressing rooms

o   return to Terrace for ceremony

o   you will sing the benediction

                               Commencement Band Members

o   go to seats on stage to play processional and recessional

5.  After commencement

o   check in all VCM instruments (band and string) with student workers backstage


VanderYOGA -  Tuesday's from 5:30-6:20pm in room 100


VanderYoga is a level one blend of Hatha and Vinyasa style Yoga. There are many benefits that can come from practicing Yoga. The two purposes of this class are first, to introduce beginners to Yoga with basic poses and relaxation techniques while linking breath with movement. And secondly, to help relieve the musicians body and mind of physical and psychological stress through regular stretching and awareness of the 'self' through movement.This is a non competitive environment and everyone of all levels are encouraged to attend!

Bring a bath towel or yoga mat and wear clothes you can move freely in. A water bottle is suggested.





Music Thrills!

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014                        6:30 pm – 8:15 pm


Slatkin Conducts Shostakovich

Jay Pritzker Pavilion                                   

Friday, July 25th, 2014                        6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Saturday, July 26th, 2014                        7:30 pm – 9:30 pm







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