Alex FriesAlex Fries comes to VanderCook from Norwalk, Ohio.  Currently entering his senior year, Alex has thrived as a student both in and out of the classroom, earning Esprit de Corps awards in both his freshman and junior years.

Many of the images you see on our new website are the work of Alex Fries.  It is said; a good photographer learns to recognize remarkable moments. Alex not only recognizes remarkable moments, he creates them.  Alex entered the program as a piano major and has since taken advantage of everything VanderCook has to offer. In addition to his work in the piano studio, he has played trumpet in the band, double bass in the orchestra, sang bass in the choir, and performed various roles in VanderCook theatre workshop productions.

A true leader, Alex leads by example, putting his best effort forward and giving back to the community in any way possible. Through his talents in photography and technology, Alex helps local churches with website development.  Alex follows in the footsteps of his high school band director and VanderCook alum Ms. Julie Burt (B '76). Ms. Burt and her husband VanderCook alum Kris Burt (B '76) recently made the trip to Chicago to support Alex during his junior recital.

"As we began to finalize the new website we realized that one of the keys to making it a vibrant website was to have great photos.  We've been blessed over the past few years because, in addition to being a great musician, Alex is a great photographer.  Through his work in his work study position, Alex has provided us with hundreds of high quality photos of our concerts and events... and so much more. 

Alex has taken a personal interest in VanderCook's new website and has gone from the role of student to teacher.  Now, when we have a question or don't know how to format something on our new website, the first person we turn to is Alex Fries.  His genuine good nature, his sincerity, and his artistry are personal characteristics that will help to ensure his success in the classroom.  Future students of Alex Fries are in for a real treat...just like his adult students, the VanderCook faculty and staff, have been all summer. 

Alex is a great young man, and another reason why VanderCook College of Music is a special place."

- Dr. Charles Menghini, President


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