Graduate Course Tracking

VanderCook College of Music graduate students complete a set of core requirements that are applicable to all tracks, as well as a set of requirements that allow them to specialize in band, choral, string or general music education.

Core Requirements:


36 Credits. 3 Summers.  Here's how it works...

  • Introduction to Graduate Study
  • Applied Music
  • Concert Choir
  • Professional Education Elective
  • Music History Elective
  • MECA Continuing Education Electives
  • Exit Assessment
  • Master's Project

Download the applicable PDF file below to see how your coursework could lay out over three summer sessions.


Band Track:


Choral Track:

  • Symphonic Band
  • Arranging Elective
  • Band Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques
  • Woodwind Methods
  • Brass Methods
  • Percussion Methods
  • Chorale
  • Choral Arranging
  • Choral Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques
  • Choral Literature
  • Secondary Choral Methods 6-12
  • The Vocal Mechanism 6-12


String Track:


General Music Track:

  • Philharmonic Orchestra
  • String Arranging
  • Orchestral Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques
  • Methods of Integrating Winds and Percussion
  • Survey of String Repertoire
  • String Methods I: A New Millenium for
    String Music Education
  • String Methods II: Bridging the Gap to Artistry in
    String Music Education
  • Chorale
  • Choral Arranging
  • Methods of Teaching Children's Choir
  • Elementary General Music Methods PreK-2
  • Elementary General Music Methods 3-5
  • Secondary General Music Methods 6-12
  • The Vocal Mechanism K-5
Note: It is possible to earn an Orff Certificate by completing Orff Levels 1-3 via the MECA Continuing Education program.



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