Steven Showstead


“Korean Folk Song Medley” Arranged by James D. Ployhar

Conducted by Steven P. Showstead


Steven P. Showstead is from Orlando, Florida where he had multiple influences to teach music. His college professor from Valencia College, Mr. Mike Davis, is a VanderCook College of Music Alumn and promoted Steven to attend this college. While at VanderCook, he performs and conducts multiple ensembles and performs on a variety of instruments, and is also a part of a professional music fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha. Mr. Showstead is a clarinet major, with a secondary on trumpet, and a ternary on French horn. Also outside of Vandercook College of Music, he is a full-time chef and offers lessons on clarinet, French horn, and cooking lessons. Mr. Showstead wishes to become a band director to influence his students and promote good music in America.

Program Notes

“Korean Folk Song Medley” is a conglomeration of three Korean folk songs, which is the basis of this composition; the three folk songs are BeteulNorae, and Arirang. Ployhar uses these three folk songs as one continuous piece of music, instead of breaking the composition up into three movements. His piece is relatively short in length, but it gives the listener and the students a brief overview of Korean folk songs. The piece begins in 3/4 meter and goes into 6/8 after a fermata. Then goes from the 6/8 back to 3/4 after another fermata. This piece is meant for the listener to sit back and listen to the culture and emotions of Korea.



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