Stephanie Gergen


“With Each Sunset (Comes the Promise of a New Day)”

 Richard L. Saucedo (B. 1957)

Conducted by Stephanie A. Gergen


Stephanie A. Gergen is from Saginaw, Michigan. While spending most of her time focused on earning her bachelor of music education degree, Stephanie also works in the Admissions Office, has a job outside of school at a local popcorn shop and is the Assistant Band Director at Mount Carmel High School. She is a Saxophonist in her junior year here at VanderCook College of Music. Inspired by her mother, Dawn Gergen, Stephanie wishes to become a music educator for grades K – 8 and eventually start her own band/leadership camp.

Program Notes

“With Each Sunset” by Richard L. Saucedo is a piece written in memory of Jack Hensley from Cobb County, Georgia. Jack was a wonderful husband and father who went away to Iraq and lost his life serving for our country. The piece features different textures and a variety of wind “choirs” throughout. Saucedo composed the work in 2004 as a reaction to the endless stories and images that the news and television portrays. In the words of Richard Saucedo “ Music has always been used as a way of expressing emotions or as an antidote to certain painful life encounters”.


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